Painted Horse Solution was founded by Maartje van Ginkel (1994) in 2019, with the aim of guiding people in their personal development and the love of equestrian sports. Horses can play a valuable role in encouraging personal development. After over 14 years of working with horses, I was a witness to my own personal development . First I completed my education in equine management, I began to teach horse riding skills to others. This is how our horse riding school started. Here the focus is on not only riding skills such as correction of the horse, but also the well-being of both horse and rider, both children and adults. I noticed that many of the riders were also struggling with personal troubles and after interaction with the horses, they felt better. So I started to learn more about equine coaching.


Equine Assisted Coach Level 1

In my search to learn more about equine coaching, I successfully completed the course for an Equine Assisted Coach from  Keulseweg in Pijnacker. As an Equine Assisted Coach I am a member of the KREAC/CAT. This ensures the quality of coaching as well as  ensuring coaches continue to meet both basic requirements such as being properly insured, as well as continuing education in equine coaching to help maintain their skills.  For me this is a first step and I will also continue in my personal development as a coach and instructor.















Vingino is een ruin van 7 jaar jong. Ondanks zijn jonge leeftijd is het paard een ware leermeester. Voor jong en oud heeft hij wel een uitdaging klaar. Als ruiter of als coachee kun je veel van dit paard leren.