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Horseriding Adults/Young Adult
1 uur € 30,- incl BTW
0,5 uur € 17,50 incl BTW

Horseriding kids 6 tot 12 jaar
1 uur €20,- incl BTW
0,5 uur €12,50 incl BTW

Training the horse

Straightening 0,5 uur 12,50
Groundwork 0,5 uur 12,50
Lunging 0,5 uur 12,50

Coaching with horses
Coaching with horses of course costs money and commitment, but also yields a lot. With your personal or business objective as a starting point, it brings you new insights and knowledge. But it can also help to acquire new skills. With coaching you come quickly to the point and together with the concrete approach it offers a small investment with a high return.